Helping Women Put a Cork in their Overdrinking Habit. 


It’s exhausting to want to cut back but find yourself drinking again. You are tired of all the mental chatter you have around your drinking.
Abstinence periods don’t work for you. You come back to your same pattern of drinking. Your desire is still the same. You want a healthier lifestyle and this is one area that you can’t seem to figure out. A life of total sobriety or having a sponsor are of no interest to you. They weren't for me, either.  There is another way that I can teach you.
My programs have helped many women find freedom from drinking and shed shame and embarrassment.  It's not about controlling your drink but creating a different mental and emotional relationship with alcohol.  The tools are based in science and cognitive therapy.  This is what works for lasting change.  I look forward to seeing you inside! 

Don't Let Your Drinking Continue to Cost You Your Health, Happiness, and Other Life Goals.

This One Decision Can Change Your Life.









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